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B Kamins Maple Body Lotion, 250mL, 8.5Oz, ID B50723
All skin type

A warmly scented therapeutic body lotion infused with honey, soy and our signature Bio-Maple™ compound renowned for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Absorbs quickly and pampers body from head to toe with rich shea butter, leaving skin velvety soft and supple … the perfect after-bath indulgence


B Kamins Maple Sugar Body Scrub, 227 g, 8Oz, ID B50415
All skin type

A pampering, luxurious, moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub, enriched with Bio-Maple Sugar™ and pure vegetable oils blended to exfoliate and improve mircocircution to the skin's surface. The pure Bio-Maple Sugar™ contains natural antioxidant vitamin E, vitamins, B1, B2, and B3, AHA acids and essential mineral salts of calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorous, which help provide vital nutrients to brighten dull, dry skin ...the result is a self indulgent, soothing massage treatment that leaves skin re-hydrated, smoother and more inviting.


B Kamins Flower Water Treatment Spray, 227mL, 8Oz, ID B50113
All skin type

This all-in-one fragrance and treatment is an aromatic bouquet of flower scents for the face and body. A wonderful and relaxing treatment for both men and women that rebalances and rehydrates skin's appearance. A quick spray will help enliven make-up. Contains our Bio-Maple™ compound technology, a natural physiological skin moisturizer, and unspoiled pure glacier spring water. The spring water originates high in the snowy peaks of the Canadian glaciers that have remained protected for millions of years. Alcohol free, colour free and non-drying, this gentle, non-irritating formula is suitable for all skin types.


B Kamins Elbow, Knee and Foot Cream kit, 2(57 g), 4Oz, ID B50209
Dry to Normal Skin, antioxidant Protection

A kit that contains the following two products:

#1.smoothing and polishing scrub
A unique formulation to remove thickened, old surface skin on elbows, knees and feet, dramatically improving skin texture and revealing smoother, healthy new skin.

#2. cellular exfoliating cream
A unique emollient cream that penetrates the top layers of the epidermis to help stimulate the production of softer, smoother and healthy new skin.


B Kamins Body Lotion, 190mL, 2.2Oz, ID B50319
For Skin Prior to and During Menopause

A dermatological body lotion that helps to cosmetically treat the symptoms of hormone deprived skin prior to, during and after menopause. This non greasy formula cools and calms flushing, soothes redness and/or hot flashes, combats increased roughness, dryness, and itching as well as soothes collagen depleted menopausal skin.


B Kamins Maple Treatment Hand Cream SPF 20, 100 g Jar, 3.5Oz, ID B50818
 Extra Dry skin, Face and Neck

A soothing, unscented moisturizing treatment cream that combats rough, dry skin and safeguards it from environmental assaults such as sunrays, harsh climatic conditions and soap detergents. Contains broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, which aids in the prevention of brown spots and premature aging. Also enriched with antioxidant ingredients to fight free radicals and help restore skin’s firmness and elasticity. Absorbs rapidly leaving skin non-greasy and youthful-looking. Ideal for softening cuticles.


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