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B Kamins Therapeutic Anti-aging Moisturizer, 62 g, 2.2Oz, ID B12407
With Zinc and Copper

A powerful anti-aging, anti-oxidant treatment emulsion, which helps rejuvenate, refine and lift fatigued, sallow complexions. This modern preparation is formulated using innovative technologies, including copper and zinc oligopeptides, alpha lipoic acid and our unique moisturizing Bio-Maple™ compound, to help reveal a remarkable resilient complexion. Useful for treating skin that is beginning to show signs of chronological aging and environmental stresses. Formulated with mineral aminopeptides, free radical scavengers, hydroscopic moisture-attracting molecules, physiological humectants and invisible film-forming occlusive technologies. This treatment preparation is also recommended for long-term use both before and after cosmetic surgical procedures.


B Kamins Maple Treatment Night Cream 62 g, 2.2Oz, ID B11307
Extra Dry Skin

A soothing bedtime companion that will help repair the driest of complexions. This emollient night cream combines anti-aging ingredients with the highest amount of our moisturizing Bio-Maple™ compound, to revitalize, replenish and heal parched dry skin while you are sleeping. When applied generously before bedtime, it aids in fighting daytime environmental damage and strengthens skin’s natural defenses. A perfect combination with maple treatment cream spf 15 for ongoing day and night skincare.


B Kamins Day Lotion SPF 15, 60mL, 2Oz, ID B12006
Oily Skin, antioxidant Protection

A light, silky lotion that diffuses a blend of moisturizers, vitamins, and anti-oxidants into the inner layers of the skin's epidermis to enhance daylong comfort and hydration. The skin's outer layers are resurfaced with a protective shield,producing a healthy luminescent glow. Well suited to a multitude of daytime environmental conditions, both indoors and outdoors. A perfect primer for makeup


B Kamins Day Cream SPF15, 62 g, 2.2Oz, ID B10607
Dry to Normal Skin, antioxidant Protection

This lightweight, non-greasy anti-oxidant day cream provides your skin with a healthy protective shield, essential nutrients, and continuous moisture release suited to a multitude of daytime environmental conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Our Bio-Maple™ technology helps fight wrinkles, moisturizes and enhances radiance throughout the day. A perfect primer for makeup. Also useful for soothing post microdermabrasion skin.


B Kamins Night Cream, 62 g, 2.2Oz, ID B10107
All skin type, wrinkle protection

This highly concentrated treatment system boosts skin's natural ability to repair its appearance and revitalizes dull, tired looking skin. Contains our exclusive Bio-Maple™ compound technology and anti-radical agents that provide the skin with essential nutrients which restore and protect skin's moisture balance. Helps to visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Wake up in the morning to more energized, brighter, and fresher looking skin.


B Kamins Maple Treatment Cream SPF 15, 62 g Jar, 2.2Oz, ID B10816
 Extra Dry skin, Face and Neck

A super emollient hydrating cream for the face and neck areas that helps to supplement the skin's natural oils that are diminished during the aging process. Contains the highest concentration of Bio-Maple™ compound technology, our exclusive ingredient derived from the sap of selected Canadian maple trees. Also useful for softening scars and dry areas.


B Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20, 15 g, 0.53Oz, ID B11425
All skin type

An emollient, moisturizing lip treatment that can be used all day, everyday, to prevent excess drying and lined lips. Our exclusive Bio-Maple™ formula, blended with softening essential oils, creates a balm that repairs chapped, sore lips while protecting them from sun, wind and extreme temperatures. In addition, this unique formulation contains both UVA and UVB sun screening agents and aids in preventing lip sores. Lip balm spf 20 helps create a perfect palette for lipstick application and can be applied over lipstick liberally throughout the day.


B Kamins Eye Cream, 18 g Jar, 0.6Oz, ID B10701
All skin type, anti wrinkle

This soothing eye cream, formulated with Bio-Maple™ compound and Episphere-Blue technologies, helps fight fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing and firming the delicate skin around the eyes. Helps reduce the appearance of under eye bags and dark circles. May be reapplied without smudging or distorting makeup application. Available in pump and jar formats.



B Kamins Rosacea Moisturizer SPF15, 62 g, 2.2Oz, ID B12807
Bio Maple

A Gentle cosmetic emollient preparation that helps moisturize dry conditions associated with rosacea and relief couperose skin complexions. Free of fragrance, this formula contains anti-oxidants and soothing Bio-Maple compound to help moisturize and relieve inflammation. Also helps protect skin from UVA and UVB sun rays, which are known to be harmful to rosacea type skins.
This high-performance, anti-aging daily moisturizer is a perfect primer for makeup.
Use in conjunction with Booster Blue Rosacea and Booster Blue Rosacea treatment


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