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Babor SeaCreation Cream, 50mL, 1.7Oz ID 480000

A new dimension in face care that
incorporates the primeval energy
of the sea
• With its silky-soft consistency, this
luxurious cream energizes your skin
• The unique SEA-TELLIGENT
COMPLEX rejuvenates the cells,
resulting in the virtual reversal of
the natural ageing process.


Babor SeaCreation Concentrate, 30mL, 1Oz ID 480001

This exceptional active concentrate
is the perfect complement to the cream.
• It contains a concentration of selected
active ingredients, such as BABOR
thermophilus, pearl proteins and
sea salt, and infuses them into the skin.
• For an additional boost of
exquisite beauty.



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discussion Forum

Mar. 27, 2003
This is the first time I checked out you website and wow, you have amazing products, they all look and sound so wonderful. is there any way I could get samples to try..

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