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BIOELEMENTS offers complete system of skin care and makeup that can be freshly customized for your skin's needs.
BIOELEMENTS design products that work in sync with your skin. How? By using Biotype system that precisely targets your exact skin so the formulas can be customized just for you. Now this is important, so pay close attention: the custom-blended Bioelements moisturizer you take home from the spa is created for you alone. Not your friend, not your neighbor — just you. Your environment, your lifestyle, your age, your stress level. It's not rocket science, it's just a whole new way of looking at skin care.
BIOELEMENTS believe that every skin is different. And a product that works for one person can't possibly work as well for thousands. BIOELEMENTS products are designed to be as individualized as your face itself.


Nutrient-rich SPF 8 combination sunscreen/moisturizer
• Supercharged with antioxidant vitamins and high tech moisture binders

Light exfoliating lotion
Contains Alphablend multi-fruit acid mixture
Peels away dead surface flakes, combats dry lines and diminishes tiny wrinkles around the eyes

Light adult acne lotion
Contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide
Dries and heals existing blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts

Light textured soothing lotion
• Formulated with 1% hydrocortisone, the maximum strength available without a prescription




Janet, NH, Aug, 2005
I want to thank you for providing your service to customers worldwide. I have been searching throughout the eastern US and even contacted GM Collin in Paris to locate their products. It was not until I found your website, a year later, that I can again enjoy the benefits of a product that has proven most successful. I will pass your site on to others-thank you!