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Cellcosmet: Cellular Treatment has Proved Successful Cellular revitalisation treatment, practised by Swiss medical centres, has become world-renowned. Political and show business celebrities enjoy the rejuvenation effects of this preventive medicine that keep them in top physical form.
Scientific research at Cellap Laboratoire, in Switzerland, and its long experience in revitalising techniques applied to the skin, allowed the conception of skin care products with a revolutionary cellular-based formula, Cellcosmet & Cellmen.
Revolutionary Method Based on Stabilised Bio-Integral Cells
Unlike most cellular cosmetics which use freeze-dried cells, the Cellcosmet & Cellmen products are enriched with cells whose biological integrality has been preserved.
Thanks to an exclusive method of stabilisation, CellControl, these cells are kept for months in their bio-integral state. This ensures that the cells remain in their most effective state in skin care products. The result of this breakthrough development is a line of skin care products that is exceptionally effective in beautifying the skin. CELLCOSMET, Biotechnology for the Benefit of the Skin.
According to one's age, the needs of the skin change and cell regeneration slows down. The environment and the ageing process of the cells are factors that disrupt the proper functioning of the skin's self-defence and regeneration systems.

A new generation of skin-care products specifically designed to protect and moisturize the epidermis and to reduce the problems of cell renewal have been developed by Cellap Laboratoire researchers.





Elizabeth, NY
Apr. 25, 2004
I am already EXTREMELY satisfied with your service and know that I will become one of your best customers!



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