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DDF Nourishing Buffing Beads Face and Body(245ml), ID D5508

An ultra-gentle, exfoliating, aromatic body wash infused with a blend of jajoba oil and botanical nutients. Fortified with slippery elm bark and aloe. Gently removes surface dead skin cells, emulsifies sebum and unclogs pores. Provides a protective, moisturizing skin matrix for smooth, silky, hydrated skin.
Gently Exfoliates
How to use:
In the bath or shower, lather a washcloth or mesh glove and smooth over skin from head to toe. Rinse thoroughly.

DDF Glycolic Body Lotion 12.5% Cream (250mL), ID D7061

A potent, silky non-greasy hand and body lotion formulated with Glycolic and Lactic Acid. Suitable for all skin types, except very sensitive. Helps exfoliate dry skin cells, while moisturizing and softening for a younger looking skin texture.
Potent 12% combination. Re-hydrates and sooths. Promotes a younger looking skin texture.
Formula: Glycolic Acid - Helps eliminate dry skin. Lactic Acid - Softens and moisturizes. Panthenol - Nourishes and heals. Milk Peptide Complex - Firms skin's texture. Green Tea Extract - Anti-oxidant.
Shake well and apply once daily or as directed by your skin care specialist. Best when used after a bath or shower, while skin is still slightly moist.


DDF Streamline Body Toner (240ml), ID D1778

A Botanical analgestic and anti-inflammatory that helps tone and firm. Arnica, seaweed and aloe-vera based gel for the reduction of swelling due to water retention or fluid buildup. Deep mentholated heat helps relieve pain while reducing swelling. Excellent after exercise to ease stiffness and soreness.
Apply generously with light massage to any are needing relief. For effective "Heavy leg" treatment, apply to ankles and knees. May be applied after shower or bath for maximum benefit.
Aloe Vera Gel, Ethyl Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Capric Glyceride, Seaweed Extract, Arnica, Cordia Verbenacea Extract, Carbomer 940, TEA, Menthol, Camphor.


DDF Strawberry Almond Body Polish (250ml), ID D5110

Rich and sensuous, this strawberry scrub contains fine polyethylene beads and natural almond meal to help rid the skin of excess dead cells, and polish it to a silky smooth texture.
Smoothes skin texture. Moisturizes. Aromatic sensuality.
Almond Meal - Natural exfoliant. Polyethylene Beads - Exfoliates.
Pure Strawberry Puree - Exfoliates/Hydrates. Whole Leaf Aloe - Moisturizes / Heals. Yucca Extract - Soothes and Moisturizes.
Using a small amount, add water and very gently massage the face and body to exfoliate and polish the skin. Follow with treatment products for your skin type. Use once or twice a week on face. May be used as often as desired for body.

DDF Transformation Contour Body Treatment (135ml), ID D3730

A re-texturizing treatment formulated to visibly smooth skin texture, increase circulation and detoxify. Uses a synergy of Chinese herbs, combined with Elderberry, L-Carnitine, Co-Enzyme A and Q to reduce the appearance of cellulite by facilitating drainage and mobilization of water. Helps skin to look slim, firm and tight, while deeply hydrating.

Slims, firms and tightens.
Improve elasticity and tone.
Visibly smoothes skin texture.
Deeply moisturizes and hydrates.


DDF Ultra Silk Revitalizing Body Lotion (250ml), ID D834

This botanically fortified product will soothe and condition your skin. Enriched with therapeutic marine extracts, this elegant lotion will nourish your skin and leave you feeling luxurious and silky.
Moisturizes. Soothes. Hydrates.
Formula: Aloe Vera - Soothes and heals. Sweet Almond Oil -Moisturizes. Sunflower Oil - Nourishes. Vitamin E - Nourishes and heals. Algae Extract - Nourishes and Remineralizes. Bladderwrack Extract - Nourishes and moisturizes. Sodium PCA - Hydrates. Lecithin - Nourishes. Bilberry - Soothes and exfoliates. Sugar Maple Extract - Nourishes.
Use daily following your bath or shower. Pat skin dry and apply liberally.


DDF Refining Body Treatment (180ml), ID D7432

DDF Refining Body Treatment, a sensual treatment to visibly smooth texture, increase circulation and detoxify to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Chinese herbs, L-Carnitine, Ginseng Root and Ginkgo extract harness the cell’s energy source to tighten slackened skin.
Best when applied to slightly damp skin. May be used day or night. Not for face.


DDF Pedi Cream (120ml), ID D7090

DDF Pedi-Cream, an enriched potent 18% Glycolic cream to soften and moisturize cracked, callused heels and feet. Spearmint and Menthol cool and refresh tired legs.
May be used daily on feet and calluses. Wash hands after use.


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