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Decleor Smoothing and Cleansing Body Care, 200mL, 6.7 Oz, ID 15118

Gel Douche Exfoliant is the ideal daily exfoliating treatment  with a clever 2 in 1 action.  Thanks to its gentle cleaning and hydrating agents, this exfoliating shower gel: gently eliminates impurities, scrubs away dead cells and refines the skin's texture.  Your skin is left feeling perfectly clean, refreshed and silky to the touch.


Decleor Exfoliating Body Care, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 15116

Cream Exfoliante is the ideal exfoliating treatment to renew and revitalize the skin.  Thanks to its smooth rounded beads this exfoliating cream performs a double action to:  gently eliminate the skin's impurities, roughness and dead skin cells, improve the oxygenation of the skin.  Your skin is left feeling revitalized, marvelously soft and silky, and perfectly prepared to absorb any additional treatments.


Decleor Toning Shower and Bath Gel, 250mL, 8.4Oz, ID 151175
NOW Available also in 2.5Oz and 14Oz

Removes impurities and neutralizes the effects of hard water. The specific properties of the "laminaria" algae extracts with their trace elements together with the essential oils of Alguaromes gives the shower gel soothing, refreshing and invigorating properties.


Decleor Tonifying Body Treatment Fragrance,
100mL, 3.3Oz, ID 151104

Arome Spa Tonic is a fragrant body mist with Essential Oils and a Plant Extract.  A simple spray softens and energizes your skin.  this burst of energy: immediately refreshes and revitalizes thanks to Ginseng Extract, softens the epidermis, releases a breeze of fresh lively and subtle scents.  Body and mind are invigorated and energized.


Decleor Tonifying Milky Mist, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 15108

An ultra-light milky-emulsion with essential Oils and a Plant Extract.  It leaves an invisible veil on your body and brings moisture and energy to the skin.  This milky mist, with its original texture and invigorating fragrance: envelops the body with an energizing, revitalizing scent, moisturizes and softens the epidermis, gives an immediate feeling of freshness, thanks to its light texture and micro-diffusion.  Skin care becomes energizing pleasure!


Decleor Tonifying Exfoliating Shower Gel, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 151105

Arome Spa Tonic with Essential Oils and a Plant Extract offers you the benefits of a practical 2 in 1 skin care product every day.  With gentle cleansing agents, it: gently eliminates impurities, sloughs away dead skin cells and refines the skin's texture with Loofah fibers, delicately perfumes the skin with an uplifting breeze of freshness.  your perfectly clean and fresh skin stays supple and satin smooth.


Decleor Relaxing Shower and Bath Gel, 250mL, 8.4Oz, ID 151741
NOW Available also in 2.5Oz and 14Oz

Helps to eliminate impurities and neutralizes the effects of hard water.  Ideal for both men and women and promotes deep relaxation and an immediate sense of well-being under shower or bath.


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