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Decleor Vitaroma Sumptuous Anti-Aging Body Cream, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 15198

VITAROMA Sumptuous Body Cream is a “body renewal” treatment specifically formulated for mature skin, from the first signs of ageing. This luscious and delicious cream with Melon and Papaya Extracts, combines its glamorous melting texture with effective results in three steps:
• immediate soothing and radiance-boosting action: visibly moisturises, smoothes and beautifies the skin,
• preventative anti-ageing action: helps the skin defend itself against the appearance of signs of ageing,
• progressive anti-sagging, anti-wrinkle action: intense firming effect, smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines.


Decleor Prolagene Energising Gel, 150mL, 5Oz, ID 15160

Prolagene, a complete body treatment, is essential in helping to smooth skin imperfections both natural and accidental.  This exclusive Decleor formula: helps revitalize the support structure of the skin, helps accelerate the skin's renewal process, diminishes unsightly marks. 


Decleor Bust Toning Mousse, 100mL, 3.38Oz, ID 15120

Bust Toning Mousse is as pleasant, highly effective firming treatment,  thanks to its delicate light mousse texture.  it is a complete bust treatment which: helps to strengthen the support fibers, maintains the skin's elasticity, reinforces the bust's natural support.  Your bust will be left firmer and redefined to enhance your overall figure.


Decleor Softening Body Oil, 150mL, 5.07Oz, ID 15126

This mist envelops the  body with invisible, non-oily veil that is rapidly absorbed.  This dry beauty oil: moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin, leaves the skin silky and smooth.  Its delicate fragrance provokes a sensation of well being.  Presented as a spray which allows quick and easy use.

Decleor Refreshing Toning Gel, 150mL, 5.07Oz, ID 15148

Circulagel is a natural, highly effective treatment for leg relief.  its refreshing el texture: energizes and revives tired legs, helps reduce the unpleasant effect of "heavy legs", refreshes and instantly relieves. it absorbs easily into the skin making its daily use effortless.


Decleor Moisturizing Body Milk, 250mL, 8.4Oz, ID 15172
A light textured fluid milky cream that hydrates and softens the skin's surface layers.  apply daily after a bath or shower.

Decleor Moisturizing Body Milk, 400mL, 13.5oz, ID 15372


Decleor Firming Stretch Mark Cream, 150mL, 5.07Oz, ID 15121

Tonilastil, with its revitalizing properties, is a complete plant based firming treatment.  It combines three essential actions to: strengthen the skin's support tissues, help prevent and reduce stretch marks (whether from pregnancy or repeated weight loss), help lessen the appearance of unsightly marks caused by the slackening of the skin.  Leaves no oily residue on the skin.


Decleor Moisturizing Milky Mist, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 151731

This milky mist is an ultra-light body milk leaving an invisible veil upon the skin, to moisturize and relax your body.  This milky mist with its original texture and subtle fragrance: envelops your body in a calming soothing fragrance, moisturizes and softens the skin, gives an immediate sensation of freshness due to its micro-diffusion. It leaves an extremely light, velvety, non-oily finish upon your skin.



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