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GM Collin Nutriance Body Hydrating System, 200ml, ID 1901

A new generation of moisturizing care containing lamellar liquid crystals that replicates the skinís natural hydration mechanism. Nutriance is a complete body hydrating system providing an intensely nourished, replenished and comforted skin.
Use: After a bath or shower, massage over entire body.
Frequency: Daily, morning and/or evening as instructed by your skin care professional.


GM Collin Stretch Mark and Keloid Smoother Cream, 150ml, ID 1950

To make stretch marks and keloids less prominent
Should ideally be used as PREVENTIVE measure. Helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue and the general condition of surrounding areas.


GM Collin Propil Cream 150mL, 5Oz ID 1935

To improve skin pilous condition
Lightens keratin, so hair is less visible between depilatory treatments and maximizes epidermal water reserves so best results can be obtained from Propil clinical treatments


GM Collin Body Exfoliant, 150ml, ID 1930

To exfoliate and smooth :      
Remove build-up of dead cells  from the epidermis, leaving the skin soft as velvet; improves absorption of skin care products.

GM Collin Triphasic Gel Cream, 150ml, ID 1920

To alleviate a cellulite problem:           
Helps smooth skin, promotes breakdown of cellulite fats and eliminates toxins.


GM Collin Body Thermo-Concentrate, 200ml, ID 1970

To make proper superficial temperature dynamics :    
Raise surface temperature of the skin so best results can be obtained from body care products applied subsequently. Applied locally by massaging into skin with circular motion. To be used with indicated body cream for at least two more months or more, depending on age and the nature of the esthetic problem.

GM Collin Body Tonus Cream, 150ml, ID 1910

To make skin firmer:
Helps promote good skin tone when used in combination with a suitable exercise program. Plays a role in helping to improve the skin's general appearance.


GM Collin Body Shower Gel, 360ml, 12Oz ID 1960

This mild, biodegradable, citrus-fresh formula gently cleanses while preserving the skin's natural balance. Apply in shower to wet skin, lather and rinse.



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