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It all begins with Alpha Hydroxies – a group of fruit extracts used since ancient times to beautify the skin. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and has more beautifying effects on the skin than any other fruit acid. But it has always been a little too irritating to be used daily.
Gly Derm®. Valeant created a unique form of glycolic acid that actually enhances the beautifying benefits and decreases the irritation. You see, Gly Derm Glycolics help the skin retain more moisture, make it smoother, healthier and younger-looking. For more details, read on, and discover how Gly Derm can help give you the beautiful skin you've always wanted.
Gly Derm Cream 5 Gly Derm Hydrotone Cream Gly Derm GlyMist Gly Derm Body Lotion 10

A gentle exfoliating cream available in three strengths and used nightly to reveal fresher, smoother skin. Developed for dry skin and recommended for patients beginning the Gly Derm Program.

Compatible with the acid-mantle pH of the skin.
Alleviates the appearance of dryness associated with exfoliation.

Restores the natural ionic balance and protective acid mantle of the skin.
Provides soothing comfort after in-office facial.
May be used as a toner throughout the day for patients with oily skin.

A mildly keratolytic, wonderfully light and refreshing, fast absorbing glycolic lotion in two glycolic acid strengths. Accepted by patients in all climates for use in all seasons.




Cora, BC
Mar 31, 2006
Hi! My purchase has arrived and received in good condition. Thank you for your fast delivery and I appreciate your business.


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