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Guerlain Issima Pure Cleansing Milk (200mL, 6.7Oz), ID G63847

Pure Veil Cleansing Milk
Enriched with mallow extract, this delightfully soft and rich cleansing milk quickly eliminates make-up and impurities to leave the skin wonderfully cleansed, moisturized and soothed.


Guerlain Issima Pure Foaming gel (150mL, 5Oz), ID G63849

Pure Dew Cleansing Foaming Gel
For those who prefer water-based cleansing, this astonishingly refreshing, foaming gel cleanses the skin perfectly while respecting its natural balance. The formula contains iris extract* – which helps control shine – and leaves the skin radiant, fresh and matte.


Guerlain Issima Flower Cleansing Cream (200mL, 6.7Oz), ID G63848

Flower Cleansing Creme
Like a firm, sensual caress, the rich texture of this cleansing cream removes all types of make-up, even waterproof. Enriched with five floral extracts, it nourishes and soothes the skin, to leave it feeling incredibly comfortable.


Guerlain Issima Eye & Lip Make Up remover (125mL, 4.2Oz), ID G63734

Perfect Eye Lip and Make-up Remover
This two-phase make-up remover offers enhanced effectiveness to remove all types of make-up – even long-lasting or waterproof. Its gentle formula has been tested on the most sensitive skin. Suitable for contact lens wearers.


Guerlain Issima Moisturizing Mallow Toner (200mL, 6.7Oz), ID G63844

Moisturizing Mallow Toner
The velvet freshness of this ultra-gentle toner envelops the skin with soothing sensations and leaves it feeling pleasantly supple and comfortable.


Guerlain Issima Purifying Iris Toner (200mL, 6.7Oz), ID G63845

Purifying Iris Toner
This extremely refreshing toner with a low alcohol content immediately leaves the skin feeling purified and free of all impurities, with a matte finish.


Guerlain Issima Success Smoothing Toner (200mL, 6.7Oz), ID G63846

Success Smoothing Toner
A lightly textured, smoothing formula that's soft on the skin and gentle to the touch. Perfect for skin that lacks firmness.


Guerlain Issima Lily Essential Mist (125mL, 4.2Oz), ID G63851

Lily Essential Mist
Introducing the latest way to apply your skincare from issima... Rich in Calmitine-S, this deliciously fresh mist can be sprayed onto the face at any time of the day to soothe the skin and strengthen its natural defences. A once-tried, never-forgotten product that soon becomes indispensable!

Guerlain Issima Moisturizing Mask (75mL, 2.5Oz), ID G63853

Moisturizing Invigorating Mask
Bursting with active moisturizing ingredients, this delicious and wonderfully rich cream-mask works deep down to both soften and invigorate the skin. Treat yourself to 10 minutes of bliss, for skin that feels supple and comfortable once more.


Guerlain Issima Purifying Mask (75mL, 2.5Oz), ID G63854

Purifying Invigorating Mask
Pure delight for skin in need! This supple mask with a luxurious texture is rich in purifying agents and absorbent clays. Ten minutes is all it takes to restore the skin's balance and have an even, matte complexion.


Guerlain Issima Smoothing Exfoliator (75mL, 2.5Oz), ID G63852

Smoothing Exfoliator
A soft, creamy, fluid formula that is also incredibly effective. This exfoliator gently removes dead cells and impurities to leave the skin smooth, refined and radiantly beautiful.



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