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Hydroderm Fast acting Wrinkle Reducer 1Oz, ID H101

Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, with a patented Collagen Infusion Delivery System that delivers full collagen molecules to the skin.Collagen is a primary component of healthy skin, yet it is a large molecule that is difficult to deliver through topical application. Most skin creams only feed the skin smaller molecules, such as partial proteins, hydrolyzed collagen (smashed up collagen molecules), vitamins and minerals. Until now, many people turned to doctors to restore collagen with direct injections. But injections are costly, inconvenient and irritating.

Hydroderm Intense Oil Free Moisturizer 1Oz, ID H102

This non-greasy moisturizing formula hydrates with key nutrients that give skin a baby soft look and feel. This exclusive formula uses some of the most powerful hydrating nutrients in cosmetic science. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of skin that is produced in the body since birth. The body uses natural HA to bind collagen and elastin together, which forms the integral framework of skin.

Hydroderm Anti-aging Eye Complex 5mL  ID H103

Anti-Aging Eye Complex is a unique serum that diminishes the effects of aging in the delicate skin around your eyes. Much of this skin is extremely sensitive, which requires the special healing touch of specific nutrients.


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Hydroderm Exfoliating Facial Cleanser 5Oz, ID H104

Exfoliating Cleanser cleanses and soothes while also giving skin a youthful glow:
Washes away built-up dirt and grime
Provides extra-soothing nutrients
Works on hard-to-remove makeup residue
Non-irritating, non-drying
This cleanser contains proven cleaning compounds, such as glycerin, SLS and C14-16 Sulfonate, which wipe away the grime that can clog your pores. But this cleanser also soothes the skin with Aloe, chamomile, cucumber and nettles extracts, which polish the skin and leave it soft and glowing.
Exfoliating Facial Cleanser is gentle yet powerful, providing the clean and clear look and feel you deserve.


Hydroderm Intense Lip Enhancer 12mL, 0.4Oz, ID H106

Hydroderm Lip Enhancer is the painless, easy way to plump up your lips – wherever and whenever you please. The Lip Enhancer is a lightweight gloss that you brush on to your lips.

This Lip Enhancer works in two important ways: First, it produces an immediate increase in hydration, causing a noticeable swelling of the lips. Second, it has an instant effect just below the surface, so your lips get that “bee stung” look and stay soft.

Hydroderm Body Shape 8Oz, ID H105

Body Shape employs a liposome delivery system to transport its active ingredients, including kukui nut oil, green tea extract, silicone resin and more. These natural compounds help dehydrate fat cells, reducing their size and smoothing cellulite.
Body Shape also increases moisture in the skin, hydrating for increased softness, smoothness and improved texture.
While many cellulite lotions contain a chemical known as "aminophylline", Body Shape does not. Use of aminophylline became popular in the 1990s but today many doctors doubt its value. There is no good scientific evidence that aminophylline can reduce cellulite. Plus, aminopylline is a harsh chemical that can cause irritation of the skin and nervous system problems. Body Shape offers a sensible alternative. Its unique delivery system transports natural compounds to the skin. During all phases of formula testing, no side effects were reported.


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August 9, 2005

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