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Juvena Juvelia Cure Concentrate Plus Juvena Juvenance Eye Deliner Night Contour Juvena Juvelia Eye Cream Plus Juvena Juvedical Renewing Serum

The exclusive intensive care containing highly concentrated PEARL-PROTEIN-COMPLEX. Combats the symptoms of irritation from external influences as well as biological and hormonal changes in mature skin.

A light, extremely effective wrinkle-smoothing eye cream-gel for a long lasting visibly smoother, more even skin around the eyes Smoothes wrinkles from the inside out – wrinkles are «padded», filled out from within

Age-diminishing eye treatment for intensive care and new firmness
Instant firming effect
Diminishes lines and wrinkles 

The unique SKIN NOVA TECHNOLOGY provides the skin with permanent support of its renewal process, so a flawed complexion is smoothed and clarified: the skin looks like new.

JUVENA of Switzerland - is more than a brand name, it is your beauty guarantee.
JUVENA gives back to your skin what time has taken away. The amazing effect of the skin care line lies in the simplicity of a principle: Choosing the right products with the right substances at the right time. As a Swiss company devoted to quality, we are devoted to innovation. Thanks to this tremendous power of innovation, Juvena has created milestones in skin care (face and body).
JUVELIA works comprehensively against the symptoms of external influences as well as the biological and hormonal changes that take place in more mature skin. It gives back to the skin what time has taken away. That's why the exclusive PEARL PROTEIN COMPLEX was developed. The exclusive composition and the smooth consistency of each of the new, effective JUVELIA products, all of which contain the precious PEARL PROTEIN COMPLEX, give your skin a beneficial care experience and radiant, new beauty.
JUVEDICAL. Flawless, pure, beautiful skin comes from tan ideal sense of well-being. We always feel best in our skin when it is fit and healthy and all its fuctions perform smoothly. This sense of well-being is put to the test every day through challenges both large and small because nearly every contact with our environment must be mastered by our "most exposed organ" our skin. Traces remain on our skin depending on the severity of confrontation. From reddening to something as extreme as incomplete skin renewal following serious injury. Through an ingenious technology Professor Odile Damour from the University of Lyon has found out how we can cause the skin to grow back from only a few cells. She has discovered the ideal composition of a 3-dimensional matrix in which skin cells can work undisturbed. The key to skin renewal consists of a special gel-like structure of naturaly bioplymers. JUVENA has intergrated these polimers into their JUVENICAL line of cosmetic products. SKIN NOVA TECHNOLOGY, as it is called, is the first professional "first aid" for saving and reviving damaged skin that has found its way into cosmetics.
JUVENA of Switzerland – The Beauty Guarantee.




Peter, CA
May 31, 2005
Your website is the easiest and most intuitive I have ever come across. From placing orders to checking out, it was a pleasure to navigate it. Thank you so much for the experience!