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Klein Becker Strivectin-SD, 180mL, 6 Oz

Anti-Aging Breakthrough
In a remarkable turn of events, one of the strangest in the history of cosmetics women across the countries are putting a stretch-mark reducing emulsion called StriVectin-SD on their face to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. And, if consumers sales are any indication of a product's effectiveness, StriVectin-SD is nothing short of a miracle.
Scientific Breakthrough or Dumb Luck?
Although StriVectin-SD’s functional components were already backed by clinical trials documenting their ability to visibly reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks (prominent because of their depth, length, discoloration and texture)… the success of StriVectin-SD as an anti-wrinkle cream was “dumb luck,” says Gina Gay, spokesperson for Klein-BeckerŽ, StriVectin-SD’s exclusive distributor.

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Klein Becker Strivectin Eye Cream, 1.3 Oz, ID ST1100

There is no question that StriVectin SD (the stretch-mark-reducer-turned-anti-wrinkle-phenomenon) has become the most sought-after topical cream around the globe. However, there was one drawback: since the original StriVectin SD formula was designed as a stretch-mark reducer, it contained aromatic agents (such as peppermint) which caused some users' eyes to water when applied to the delicate skin in the orbital eye area...the eyelid and the area directly below the eye. Because of the effectiveness of StriVectin SD at reducing the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles, Klein-Becker USAŽ was asked to prepare a formula that could be applied to the orbital eye area. StriVectin SD Eye Cream consists of the same active compounds contained in the original StriVectin-SD formula, but without the aromatic compounds, and enhanced with soothing agents to help protect the delicate skin around the even helps reduce the appearance of dark circles! StriVectin SD Eye Cream is a multi-action orbital eye area perfector enriched with Striadril, an active ingredient containing patented pentapeptides that help to significantly improve the appearance of fine lines by aiding the build up of collagen. Unlike many other anti-aging treatments, Striadril is more stable (longer shelf life), better tolerated (causes less irritation), safer, and more effective.
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eye
Includes additional soothing agents for the delicate skin around the eye
Same active formula as the original StriVectin SD without aromatic oils
Directions For Use:
Apply to skin around the eye area once to twice a day. Only a tiny amount of eye cream is needed to cover the area. Using the ring finger or pinkey - dot the eye cream along the edge of the bone surrounding the eye. Two dots of cream should be sufficient to cover the area. Gently pat (do not rub!) the cream into the skin - staying around the edge of the bone.

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Klein Becker Strivectin - HS Deep Wrinkle Serum, 0.9 Oz, ID ST2100

Identifying the role that the DEJ plays in maintaining skin integrity took decades. Finding a compound that supported primary DEJ function took even longer. It wasn’t until 2001 that researchers finally isolated a powerful molecular bridge that could actually help strengthen the natural, optimum function of the DEJ.
“Isolating intrinsic support for the Dermal-Epidermal Junction was just the beginning,” explains noted Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff. “As with so many new discoveries, the most efficient dosage level and delivery mechanism had yet to be defined. Finding a way to deliver that compound to the interior core of the DEJ would take another five years to perfect.”
“StriVectin™-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum™ travels directly to the base of deep wrinkles, decompressing the look of sharp, visible creases from the dermal substratum upward and outward to the skin’s surface,” says Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D, Klein-Becker’s Director of Scientific Affairs, “dramatically reducing the appearance of pronounced deep wrinkles, enlarged pores and stubborn surface imperfections.”
“To call StriVectin™-HS Hydro- Thermal DeepWrinkle Serum™ a ‘wrinkle cream’ is a misnomer,” says Dr. Mowrey, “StriVectin Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum is a unique thermophyllic, penetrating formula specifically developed to enter the core of the DEJ where deep wrinkles begin. New research strongly suggests that as we age, the DEJ ‘flattens,’ reducing overall surface area, weakening the bond between the dermis and epidermis… thus causing the formation of persistent, deep wrinkles. In other words, reducing the appearance of deep, sharp facial wrinkles is tied directly to fostering the structural integrity of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction.”
Each application takes between 3 to 5 minutes. You apply StriVectin-HS with your fingertips directly to the most pronounced wrinkles at the corners of the eye, between the brow, around the lips and down the nasolabial folds (the deep lines that run from the edge of your nose to the corners of your mouth). Wait one to three (1-3) minutes or until the serum becomes dry and slightly tacky to the touch. You must then soak a clean facecloth in hot (not scalding) water (wring out excess water) and hold it firmly to your face for sixty (60) seconds or until the towel cools.

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Nothing shouts, "You are old," louder than your hands. But now you can do something about it... here's how.

Klein Becker Strivectin - NE Nano Exfoliants for Hands, 1.9 Oz, ID ST2102

The skin on the back of your hands is not the same as the skin on your face… the texture is thicker, tougher and "looser" because of constant flexing, bending and exposure to both physical and environmental damage. Because the skin on the back of your hands is "different," Klein-Becker research has focused its efforts on developing specific formulations designed to improve the appearance of the hands' unique geometric skin structure and texture. StriVectin™-NE Self-Heating NanoExfoliant For The Hands™ has a molecular weight perfectly suited to help increase cellular turnover and improve the appearance of surface tension and overall clarity while delivering optimal hydration and elasticity. Our thermo-active NanoExfoliating technology delivers substantial dermabrasive properties without causing lasting redness or damaging the skin. In fact, because StriVectin-NE Self-Heating NanoExfoliant For The Hands was developed specifically for the skin on the back of the hands, it can be used every 2-3 days or as often as necessary (depending on how "age ravaged" your hands look and feel). Users report significant improvement in hand texture, tone and overall clarity after the very first application.

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Klein Becker Strivectin - HC Hand Cream, 3.25 Oz, ID ST2101

Klein-Becker may not be the first to notice that the skin on the back of your hands is not the same as the skin on your face (the texture is thicker, tougher and “looser”), but they seem to be the first to do something about it. In fact, the newest and most sought after hand cream on the market today is StriVectin™-HC Ultra-Concentrate Cream For The Hands™. More than a simple moisturizer, StriVectin-HC’s “hand-specific” formula reduces the appearance of thin, veiny, parchment-like skin on the back of the hands… visibly improves the appearance of age spots and unsightly discolorations… and restores the appearance of youthful texture, tone and firmness while it protects the hands from environmental damage and dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging. StriVectin-HC Ultra-Concentrate Cream For The Hands is the ultimate in comprehensive hand care.

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Klein Becker Strivectin - Specialized Hand Care Kit,  ID ST2103

Two-Step Revitalizing System For The Hands Order Both and Save $12
-Klein Becker Strivectin - NE Nano Exfoliants for Hands, 1.9 Oz
-Klein Becker Strivectin - HC Hand Cream, 3.25 Oz

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Klein Becker ANOREX SF180 Caps, ID 00900

In a recent clinical trial, subjects who were given the active Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF compound (in conjunction with modest caloric restriction and exercise) experienced eleven times (1100%) more weight loss and 63% more fat loss than those on diet and exercise alone. Those who took the active Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF compound also reported a dramatic reduction in diet-induced fatigue, and reported feeling 32% more energetic. The researchers posited that the Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF formula elevated metabolic rate, based on evidence of increased thyroid efficiency, specifically an increase in thyroid hormone response and T3 levels. The full report of this clinical study has been peer-reviewed and published in Current Therapeutic Research (60; 4; April 1999). But that's not all: in addition to this patented, stimulant-free fat-burning compound, Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF also contains a powerful prostaglandin inhibitor (prostaglandins are naturally occurring hormones in the human body that restrict the effectiveness of any weight-control compound or program) that accelerates the destruction of mature fat cells and inhibits the formation of new fat cells. But Klein-Becker didn't stop there. Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF incorporates a mineral-based adjunct shown to dramatically decrease body fat versus diet and exercise alone. Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF is clinically proven to be the most powerful stimulant-free fat-reducing formula on the face of the Earth. No other stimulant-free compound has been shown to reduce excess body fat as fast, as effectively, or as safely as Anorex-SF... and that's a fact! If substantial, excess body fat is adversely affecting your health & self-esteem, then it's time for you to discover Anorex(Leptoprin)-SF — the first weight-loss compound designed to overcome your genetic redisposition.
Drug Interaction Precautions: Do not take this product if you are taking MAO inhibitors or a prescription drug for anticoagulation (thinning of the blood), diabetes, gout or arthritis or any other prescription drug unless directed by a physician. This product is not intended for pain relief, fever, toothache or any other analgesic effect.
Do not take if sensitive to or if allergic to aspirin. Do not use if pregnant (it is especially important not to use aspirin during the last 3 months of pregnancy unless specifically directed to do so by a physician because it may cause problems in the unborn child or complications during delivery), nursing, having asthma, or have stomach problems (such as heartburn, upset stomach or stomach pain) that persist or recur, or if you have ulcers or bleeding problems, unless directed by a physician. If ringing in the ears or temporary loss of hearing occurs, consult a physician before taking again.
Keep out of the reach of children. Children and teenagers should not use this product, or any other product containing aspirin, for chicken pox or flu symptoms before a physician is consulted about Reye Syndrome, a rare but serious illness reported to be associated with aspirin. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.
Alcohol Warning: If you consume 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day, ask your physician whether you should take aspirin. Aspirin may cause stomach bleeding.
Recommended Use: Take two capsules with a full glass of water, three times per day: morning, noon and early evening. Do not exceed recommended use.

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Zoller Zantrex-3, 681mg, 84 Capsules, ID 07025

Rapid Weight LossExtreme EnergyNo Ephedrine
Delivering more than five times the weight loss of America’s #1 selling ephedra-based diet pill (“America’s best seller”), the active compound in Zantrex™-3 is not only the new weight loss winner, the ultimate appetite suppressant, but with the addition of its incredible, high energy, proprietary xanthine-based stimulant, Zantrex-3 gives you all the energy you want, whenever you want… without ephedra, ma huang or any ephedrine derivative (a plus if health concerns or drug testing are an issue).

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Vlatka, PA
May 20, 2005
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