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Nelly De Vuyst Sun Cell Cream (SPF 25), 100 gr. ID 001117

For High Protection.
Contains UVA and UVB screens which are waterproof. Allows you to tan safely, while keeping the skin of the face and body young and supple.  Includes Aloe Vera which is a plant well-known for its moisturizing properties.  Also contains Vitamins E and Vitamin C. 


Nelly De Vuyst Olea Essentials Slimming Bath, 150 mL ID 001105

Slimming Essential Oil for the Bath.
Helps to metabolize fat cells. Promotes healthy circulation in the outer tissues of the body. Accelerates healing of scars and trauma. This combination helps to maintain and restore the ideal equilibrium of the skin, contributing vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.


Nelly De Vuyst Olea Essentials Slim, 100 mL, ID 001106

 Slimming Oil/ Orange Peel Skin.
Apply after proper exfoliation.  Has detoxifying action, works on water retention, and restores elasticity to the skin.  Helps to eliminate orange peel skin (cellulite).  Use once a week to maintain effect on figure.


Nelly De Vuyst Olea Essentials Relaxing Bath,150 mL, ID 001107

Anti-Stress / Anti-Ageing / Relaxant. 
Relaxing essential oil for the bath.  By taking a bath in the evening with Olea Essentials Relaxing Bath, you will obtain a refreshing good night's sleep.  Helps Combat stress.


Nelly De Vuyst Hand Cream, 100 gr, ID 001112

Hand Cream with Aloe Vera.
This hand cream serves as an antiseptic, healing, toning  and hydrating treatment.  It helps decrease the size of wrinkles and the rough appearance of skin.  It fights against tissue aging and regenerates the collagen of the dermis.  Its healing and soothing agents restore parched hands, keeping them properly moist.  Finally, it increases the capacity of the skin to absorb water, and therefore has a long-lasting hydrating effect.

Nelly De Vuyst EVO Peeling, 200 gr.  ID 001113

Exfoliation for the Whole Body.
This exfoliant facilitates the removal of dead cells gently.  It makes the skin soft by removing cell buildup, and in turn stimulates cell renewal and better absorption of other products.  Recommended before sun exposure.  Exfoliation should be used regularly as part of any slimming or firming course of treatment.


Nelly De Vuyst EVO Gel "S", 100 gr. ID 001114

Slimming Gel for the Body.
This gel contains ingredients which have a water reducing effect.  The ultra-penetrating texture of the gel produces a sensation of freshness and comfort.  It helps stimulate the elimination of toxins via the blood vessels and lymphatic system.  As well, it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite or "orange peel" skin.


Nelly De Vuyst EVO Gel "F", 100 gr. ID 001115

Firming Gel for the Body. 
This gel formula stimulates the production of collagen.  You will notice a significant reduction in skin fatigue and an increase in firmness, elasticity and tone.  The gel helps restructure the elastic fibers of the skin and thus increases body tone and firmness.  May be used during and after pregnancy (once breast feeding has ceased).


Nelly De Vuyst EVO Lotion Triple Action, 100 mL, ID 001116

Slimming, Firming & Moisturizing Lotion. 
This body lotion has triple action qualities: slimming, firming and moisturizing. Its ingredients induce a reduction in excess fat, and the retention of water.  It helps to increase body tone and firmness.  It helps eliminate the "orange peel" appearance of the skin caused by cellulite, and moisturizes the surface layers of the skin, thus helping to combat aging.





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