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Nelly De Vuyst Phytolotion, 200 mL, 6.7 Oz, ID 010100

For the Cleansing of Mature Skin.
Orange phytostimulines remove all traces of makeup, stimulate and nourish to help soften and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


Nelly De Vuyst Lanolotion, 200 mL, 6.7 Oz, ID 010200

For the Cleansing of Dry and Dehydrated Skin.
Very gentle cleanser for dry, dehydrated skin, which provides lipid elements to keep skin supple. Hypoallergenic.


Nelly De Vuyst Lotion 2, 200 mL, 6.7 Oz, ID 010300

For the Cleansing of Oily and Impure Skin with Tendency to Acne.
Superb cleansing with vegetal embryonic extracts to detoxify, clarify and purify while removing all traces of makeup and surface impurities.


Nelly De Vuyst Lifecell Lotion, 200 mL, 6.7Oz, ID 010500

For the Cleansing of Dehydrated and Aging Skin.
Makeup removal lotion for skin in need of rejuvenation or suffering from dehydration and attacks by external agents (environmental damages).


Nelly De Vuyst Phytocell Lotion, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 010600

For the Cleansing of Rough Devitalized and Wrinkled Skin. 
Rich, exquisite cleansing emulsion with Borage oil for severely aged skin.  Great for pre-matured skin.

Nelly De Vuyst Eye Make Up Remover, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID N307001

Gentle liquid emulsion for removing all traces of makeup from the eyelids.

Nelly De Vuyst Facial Brush, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID 030500

Facial Brush Nelly De Vuyst.



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