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NIA 24/7 is a totally new approach for the treatment
and prevention of sun damage to the skin.

What is the key ingredient in the NIA 24/7 Skin Care System?
Pro-NAD, a patented derivative of niacin, is the key ingredient in the Niadyne patented continuous skin cell delivery system. Available only in Niadyne products, it allows around-the-clock delivery to skin of effective levels of niacin that can benefit the health, look and feel of the skin. Pro-NAD is specifically designed to enable the niacin to be efficiently converted within skin cells to its active form, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD. Pro-NAD has been chosen by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the National Institutes of Health for development as a skin cancer prevention agent.

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NIA 24/7 Physical Cleansing Scrub 3.75 oz, ID DT02

This all-in-one cleansing scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Pro-Niasomes, which are spherical Jojoba Beads infused with Pro-Niacin, help wash away skinís visible imperfections.
-Continuous, deep delivery of Pro-Niacin strengthens the skinís
-Formulated with Pro-Niasomes, speherical Jojoba Beads encapsulated with Pro-Niacin.
-Visibly improves dry patches and uneven texture.
-Chamomile, Oat and Sage calm and soothe skin.
-Sunflower Oil instantly hydrates skin.
-Pores are primed to receive the maximum benefits of our Skin Strengthening
Complex and Sun Damage Prevention, 100% Mineral Sunscreen.
Application: apply 2-3 times per week.


NIA 24/7 Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream 1.7 oz, ID DT03

Neither heavy nor too light, this fortified cream visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing the skinís barrier function, accelerating repair and delivering continual moisturization.
-Continuous, deep delivery of Pro-Niacin strengthens the skin barrier.
-Pro-Niacin is clinically shown to visibly improve skin toner, texture and hyperpigmentation.
-Vitamin A helps to improve elasticity and skin texture.
-Antioxidants Green Tea and Rosemary restore and protect skin.
-Ceramides reinforce the skin barrier to maximize the moisture-holding capacity for smoother, firmer skin.
-Evening Primrose and Wheat Germ oils deliver moisture.
-Dermaxyl Peptide Complex visibly eases deeper wrinkles and expression lines.
Application: Use in the morning and night.

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NIA 24/7 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 3.4 oz, ID NT02

Physician recommended duo-action sun damage prevention and 100% mineral sunscreen in a weightless, oil-free lotion that absorbs instantly for complete protection.
-Continuous, deep delivery of Pro-Niacin strengthens the skinís barrier.
-Pro-Niacin is clinically shown to visibly improve skin toner, texture and hyperpigmentation.
-Advanced, broad spectrum protection from UVA/UVB ultra violet rays.
-100% physical sunscreen with the mineral protection of micronized Titanium
Dioxide and micronized Zinc Oxide.
-Vitamin E helps repair and protect skin.
-Alpha Bisabolol soothes and hydrates.
-Suitable for sensitive skin.
Application: use in the morning and throughout the day as needed.

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How does Pro-NAD help to build skin resilience?
Pro-NAD has resulted from 25 years of biomedical research that has shown that Pro-NAD can help to build skin resilience in three different ways. First, the aging process and sunlight cause changes in skin cell DNA, which leads to skin damage. Niacin, once it is converted into its active form (NAD), helps to maintain the genomic integrity of skin cells. Second, the aging process and skin damage caused by sun exposure results in decreased delivery of nutrients to skin cells, slowing down skin cell turnover. NAD helps energize the skin, increasing skin cell turnover. Third, Niadyne scientists have discovered that Pro-NAD allows delivery of amounts of niacin into the skin that stimulate the release of a naturally occurring skin growth hormone called leptin that helps build skin resilience.

Are there other ways to get beneficial quantities of niacin into the skin?
No. The chemical structure of niacin prevents it from being effectively delivered to skin cells via ordinary skin creams and lotions. While niacin taken orally can benefit many tissues in the body, it is not an efficient method of delivering nutrients to the skin.

Is the NIA 24/7 Skin Care System compatible with other skin care products?
Yes. Foundations and other makeup may be applied over the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy or Night Treatment. Although the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy provides broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection with an SPF of 15, additional sunscreens may be applied after NIA 24/7 Day Therapy if additional sun protection is desired. Please note that some individuals are sensitive to sunscreen ingredients. If you have a reaction to the sunscreen ingredients in the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy, use NIA 24/7 Night Treatment for both daytime and nighttime applying a sunscreen of your choice during the day.

Are there any known side effects?
No. Niadyne research indicates that the NIA 24/7 Skin Care System has only positive benefits. Products formulated with Pro-NAD do not cause skin irritation or photosensitivity. Indeed, Niadyne research has shown that the increased skin resilience is photoprotective.

How should the NIA 24/7 Skin Care System be used?
The NIA 24/7 Skin Care System is simple and easy to use. It involves morning and night skin cleansing followed by application of skin creams containing Pro-NAD. Skin cleansing can be achieved by using the NIA 24/7 Facial Cleanser or the NIA 24/7 Facial Scrub following the instructions described in detail in the package insert. Each morning, immediately after cleansing, the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy is applied to the face and neck until completely absorbed or as directed by your physician. Since the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy contains Sun Protection Factor (SPF) ingredients, it is important to avoid getting the product into the eyes. If treatment to the eye area is desired, gently pat the NIA 24/7 Night Treatment around the entire eye area with the tip of your finger before applying the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy to the face. If you have dry skin or you live in a low humidity climate, remove only the excess water from your skin after showering or bathing, leaving the skin slightly moist when applying NIA 24/7 Skin Care products. Individuals with dry zones on the face and neck or with overall dry skin should apply NIA 24/7 Night Treatment under the NIA 24/7 Day Therapy.




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May 13, 2004
Just wanted a quick thanks for my order...Everything is great and I also wanted to thank you for the extra gift and samples!! How wonderful!! I know it will take me a while to use what I received, but I will come back to you for more! (I've also passed on recommendations for you!)...Thanks again,