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When naturally dry hair remains untreated, its condition worsens. Phyto provides in-depth treatments to revitalize and nourish the hair shaft.

Phytologie PHYTONECTAR Ultra nourishing Oil, 50 mL, 2.5 fl Oz. (ID N216U)

Ultra nourishing Oil

Phytonectar is a deeply nourishing gel for ultra dry hair that restructures and restores the keratin fiber.



Phytologie PHYTONECTAR- Ultra Nourishing Shampoo 200 mL, 6.8 fl Oz. (ID N379U)

With Orange Blossom. With a high concentration of botanical active ingredients, PHYTONECTAR Shampoo helps restore the moisture and lipid balance in ultra dry hai, porous hair, while its delicate orange blossom scent turns shampooing into a pleasurable experience

Phytologie PHYTOKARITE 100 ml, 3.4 fl Oz. (ID N2292)

Ultra-dry hair is brittle, dull and prone to split ends. It is naturally dry hair whose condition has worsened due to exposure to chemical or environmental stress. In addition to losing moisture, ultra-dry hair is drained of its vital substances such as amino acids and keratin compounds. This makes the hair fiber porous and harsh.
The PHYTO Solution: Provide hair with nourishment, shine and softness. Repair damaged polypeptide chains using hydrolized plant and silk proteins and keratin.

Phytologie PHYTO 9- Ultra Nourishing Cream 50 mL, 1.7 fl Oz. (ID N203U)

Phyto 9 is a rich botanical hydrating and nourishing cream.  Nine plant ingredients soften, hydrate and strengthen hair when used daily.




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