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Phytomer GLOBAL PUR Detoxifying Cleansing Gel, 150mL, 5Oz, ID SAV800

This gel cleanses and purifies the skin. Its ultra-fresh formula gently revives the skin and eliminates impurities. The skin is clean and ready for corresponding product use.
The clean, intensely fresh feeling it leaves on the skin
It soap-free formula that does not irritate or dry out the skin
Its simplicity and the fact that it is quick to use
Good to know:
The astringent formula tightens up the pores and is perfectly suitable for oily, shiny skin. After a short night, its fresh fragrance peps up sleepy skin.
Use morning and/or evening. Emulsify with water using fingertips, cleanse and rinse with clean water.
Marine Oxhylium Phéohydrane Witch Hazel Extract
Anti-acne Phycosaccharide


Phytomer GLOBAL PUR Exfoliating Oxygenating Face Care, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID SCV804

This slightly foaming creamy skincare product contains the perfect amount of exfoliating particles to gently eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. It contains the oxygenating ingredient Marine Oxhylium, which leaves skin clean, purified and radiant again.
Eliminates dead cells and impurities (100% satisfaction)
Dislodges ingrown hair
Clean, oxygenated skin (100% satisfaction)
Total satisfaction: 100% wish to continue using the product . To be used 1 to 2 times a week, before shaving * usage test conducted on a panel of 19 male volunteers
Use once or twice a week preferably before shaving. Massage over damp skin then rinse with warm water. Avoid the eye contour area.
Marine Oxhylium Soft cleansing agents Exfoliating agents


Phytomer RASAGE PERFECT  shaving Mask, 150mL, 5Oz, ID SCV818

2-in-1 care product: shaving and oxygenation
Helps ensure razor slides smoothly over skin to reduce irritation.
May be used more intensely once or twice a week as a complete moisturizing* and detoxifying care mask.
* moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis
Its two-fold function: a shaving product and an oxygenating treatment to save time, especially in the morning. The high moisturising power prevents razor burn
Good to know:
it offers men who cannot afford to have a « five o’clock shadow » because of their jobs a very close, irritation-free shave.DIRECTIONS FOR USE Dampen skin and apply a thin layer of mask over the shaving area before shaving daily. Rinse any excess mask with warm water. Once or twice a week, dampen the skin and apply a thin layer of mask over entire face and neck. Allow the mask to remain on the skin for a few moments. Shave as usual and rinse any excess with warm water. Marine Oxhylium Phéohydrane Macadamia nut oil Anti-age Phycosaccharide


Phytomer Accept Soothing After-Shave Fluid,
50mL, 1.7Oz, ID SCV850

Sensitive skin
This non-greasy fluid, refreshes, soothes and protects sensitive skin. It soothes razor burn, and leaves skin moisturized* and comfortable.
Dermatologically tested.
* moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis
It penetrates fast, instantly soothing sensitive skin
Its texture leaves skin shine-free
Its discrete fragrance suits everybody
Its high moisturizing power helps nourish and repair skin irritated by the razor
Good to know:
Daily shaving and lathering substantially irritate and dry out the skin, which becomes more sensitive.
Apply after shaving or in the morning on clean dry skin.
Marine Oxhylium Anti-inflammation Phycosaccharide
Extract of Chrysanthellum Indicum
Shea butter


Phytomer FACIAL PROTECT Active Care for Wrinkles, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID SCV825

This non-greasy cream helps smooth the eye contour, with decongestant properties to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Marine Oxhylium, a natural marine ingredient instantly detoxifies and brightens eye area.
Opthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Its action rejuvenates the eyes
The reduction of puffiness around the eyes causes a feeling of well-being
Its texture is so fine that it instantly penetrates
Good to know:Our eyes reflect our lifestyle: bags, circles, small wrinkles appear due to fatigue, stress, poor diet, ... Used daily, LiftContour eliminates bags and freshens up the eyes. No point using too much. Gently massage around the eyes until it is completely absorbed.DIRECTIONS FOR USE
To be used morning and/or evening on clean dry skin. Apply a small amount to the eye contour, gently patting until fully absorbed.
Marine Oxhylium Rhodofiltrat of Palmaria Palmata Marine Spring Water Lavender aromatic oil


Phytomer FACIAL PROTECT Comforting Moisturizing Care, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID SCV808

Specially formulated for men's skin, this non-oily, intensely moisturizing skincare product provides all the everyday comfort and softness that skin needs.
Enriched with invigorating and oxygenating Marine Oxhylium, it gives a feeling of freshness from the moment it's applied and provides the skin with optimum protection against harsh elements (shaving, pollution, climate).
Moisturizes the skin all day long (100% satisfaction*). Protects the skin from daily aggressions (shaving, pollution, climate)
Comfortable skin (95% satisfaction*), revitalized epidermis (90% satisfaction*)
Fresh, non-greasy and highly absorbent texture
To be used morning and/or evening
* usage test conducted on a panel of 19 male volunteers.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Apply morning and/or evening to face and neck. Marine Oxhylium Phéohydrane Macadamia nut oil Matting agent


Phytomer OgenAge Nuit Active Anti-aging for Wrinkles, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID SVV850

This care prevents and repairs the signs of time. It effectively fights against skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines and external strains.
Its action corrects and protects at the same time
It visibly firms and tones up the facial features
Good to know:
Men get wrinkles later but they are also deeper. A sudden drop in the production of collagen (fibres that make skin firm and dense) is probably the main cause.
Apply daily, morning and/or evening.
Marine Oxhylium Phéohydrane Marine Spring Water Anti-inflammation Phycosaccharide


Phytomer RASAGE PERFECT Alcohol-free Soothing After-Shave, 100mL, 3.4Oz, ID SVV813

This alcohol-free aftershave soothes razor burn. It relieves small cuts that result from shaving.
This comfortable foam minimises the risk of nicks and offers an extremely close shave in a single stroke.
Good to know:
Can be used as a toner to stimulate the skin after a short night.

Apply to face after shaving.
Marine Oxhylium OligoMer® Plant extracts 2 Essential oils


Phytomer OligoPur Anti-Shine Gel, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID SVV840

This light textured gel combats shiny skin and helps rebalance oil flow. It penetrates rapidly, and moisturizes* the epidermis throughout the day without shine. Non-comedogenic.
* moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis
Its high moisturising power keeps skin from drying out
Its gel texture instantly penetrates and does not leave an oily film on the skin
The skin is visibly less oily
Good to know:
The daily application of OligoPur combined with a healthy lifestyle helps normalise men's skin, which is oilier than women's.

Apply in the morning on clean dry skin.
Marine Oxhylium Anti-acne Phycosaccharide



Phytomer BodyDeclic Toning Contouring Waist and Stomach, 150mL, 5Oz, ID SVV804

Exceptional marine ingredients help to eliminate the appearance of excess fat. Ideal for the waist and stomach. The skin’s look is visibly improved, moisturized* and firmed.
* moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis
Its invigorating fragrance
A targeted treatment adapted to men's fat tissue
Its ease of use. Men's cellulite is made up of fat only (in women it includes water as well). The fat mass always forms on the front, back and sides of the waist, giving rising to "love handles". The vitamin-enriched lipolytine in BodyDéclic, an invigorating slimming treatment, targets precisely those areas to help eliminate excess fat.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To be used daily, morning and/or evening over areas to be firmed or contoured. Apply with light circular massage movements until fully absorbed.
Marine Oxhylium Vitaminized Lipolytine Marine Inhibitine Rhodofiltrat of Palmaria Palmata



Phytomer CORPS TONIC Detoxifying Shower Gel, 150mL, 5Oz, ID SVV805

This easy-to-use, two-in-one shower gel gently cleanses the skin and hair. Your skin feels fresh and invigorated, and your hair is clean, manageable and strengthened.
Its invigorating fragrance
Its two-fold function, very handy for a quick shower
It leaves skin clean and hair shiny but not greasy
Use in bath or shower, applying gel to wet body and hair.
Marine Oxhylium Phéohydrane



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