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Pupa Extrapearl eye-shadow

ID 04471

An eyeshadow mono dedicated to all women who wish to enhance their gaze with an exceptional and subtly mysterious glow. Tiny glimmering fragments of pearl reflected on your eyes for a shimmery effect, accentuated by the movement of your eyelids. A light, almost imperceptible powder to be applied with your fingertips. Sweep a thin film across your lids for a stunning luminous effect or dab on to match the glow with a more intense colour.


Pupa Compact eye-shadow MONO

Single eye-shadow of surprising soft texture, satin and light for a perfect adherence and impeccable hold. An explosion of pearls that mix in a perfect harmony of creating a nacré effect and an unexpected three-dimensional make-up.
Colorextreme gives fine and extra-pearled reflections, a deep and lightened glance for a fashion make-up.
12 colors.
How to use...
Eye-shadow normally follows the light-dark rule. If you carefully observe your reflection in the mirror, it is possible to note the presence of natural shadows created by light refraction. If you do not wish to change or correct your facial features, simply enhance the naturally present shadows with eye-shadows of the same color intensity. Usually lighter shades are applied to the upper eyelid area, becoming darker at the corner , and darkest in the crease.


Extralight Duo Eye Shadow
ID 48500

Eye make-up with a scintillating twingle! Sparkling little pearls of light on top of silky colours, for a fabulously novel luminous sheen.
A coloured eyeshadow with an almost imperceptible feather-light texture, excellent staying power and colours to be shaded at will.
Luminous eyeshadow featuring a magical mix of absolutely innovative pearls, specially created by Pupa for an extraordinarily transparent result, sparkling with pure and cristalline light. Sparkling little pearls of light on top of silky colours, for a fabulously novel luminous sheen.



Pupa Silk touch blush
ID 0504
Compact blusher with Aloe Vera.
Light, silky and comfortable texture. Easy application, fast and smooth.
Lustrous colours for each new look.
Aloe Vera vegetable extract has an emollient and protective effect.
Hypoallergenic – clinically tested.



Pupa Colorevolution
Powder Eye-shadow with Applicator
ID 42500
A true revolution in eye make-up.
The brilliancy and softness of a loose powder eyeshadow together for the first time with maximum practicality of application thanks to a handy latex applicator and special, patented packaging. To colour, blend, highlight and modulate your look as you like.
Rich, vibrant colours and a shine taken from metals, minerals and stones.
Hypoallergenically and ophthalmologically tested.
Recommended for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Pupa SOFTNESS BLUSH --Summer Collection

Compact, silk Blush
Compact blush for adding an extremely delicate, feminine touch. Fine, soft and light texture, easily spread with the natural fiber applicator.




Pupa SOFTNESS SHADOW --Summer Collection

Compact, silk eye shadow
Compact eye shadow with incredible silk texture: soft and fine, perfect coverage and adherence to the eye lids.
Fresh, full and luminous colors.



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