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Pupa Compact eye-shadow DUO
ID 041001

Harmonies of two satin and iridescent colours together for a luminous and mat result and modulated make-up, from light and natural to ultra sophisticated.
A mat texture satin and light weight touch, ultra fine film homogeneous on the eyelids for an intense and sophisticated make-up.
A luminous texture perfectly adjustable, a fine and homogeneous film for a luminous and natural make-up.
Together they create patterns of colours and light that "sculpture" the glance. 6 colours.

How to use...
Eye-shadow normally follows the light-dark rule. If you carefully observe your reflection in the mirror, it is possible to note the presence of natural shadows created by light refraction. If you do not wish to change or correct your facial features, simply enhance the naturally present shadows with eye-shadows of the same color intensity. Usually lighter shades are applied to the upper eyelid area, becoming darker at the corner , and darkest in the crease.



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