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Remergent A.M. Moisture SPF Remergent Barrier Repair Formula Remergent High Intensity SPF 30 Remergent Antioxidant Refoliator

Sunscreen Contra Solem Nardum A.M. Moisture SPF 15, a multi-purpose photoprotectant, provides daily defense against UVA/UVB damage and furnishes the skin with booster supplies of emollients and antioxidants.

Skin Moisturizer Umectator Cutis Technologically advanced moisturizer prompts the skin to strengthen its protective outer barrier

Sunscreen Contra Solem Nardum A multi-faceted photoprotectant, provides powerful broad-spectrum filters to curb UVA/UVB damage and patented enzymes


Post-Peel Balm Balsamum Post Decorticationem Progressive nutrient replenishment treatment to help skin protect itself following exfoliation treatments

DNA Science for Skin

Built on two decades of scientific research in photobiology and DNA repair, Remergent is the next generation in skincare therapies. Applying biotechnology—in the form of patented liposome delivery systems—to biomimetic and select botanical ingredients, Remergent formulas are uniquely positioned to get active components into skin cells to repair damage, restore healthy response, and resist future injury.

Remergent™ is formulated by AGI Dermatics, the bio-pharmaceutical laboratory that has led the research of DNA repair of the skin for more than 20 years. Founded by Daniel B. Yarosh, PhD, a molecular biologist with a specialty in gene repair, AGI Dermatics specializes in skin photobiology, dedicating research and development to DNA repair, solar impact on the immune system, and cell-signaling in skin.

AGI Dermatics has distinguished itself as the first commercial skincare lab to recognize that DNA damage suppresses the skin's immune function. The company was also the first to demonstrate that DNA repair can preserve and restore healthy skin. Each of these breakthroughs—based on DNA science—is now considered fundamental to the future of genetic dermatology and general skincare.

The company's application of groundbreaking active ingredients and meticulously engineered liposome delivery systems is validated in controlled clinical studies and published in dozens of peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. Its liposome-delivery systems are the company's core technology and the platform for Remergent products and many of its pharmaceuticals.

Developed to fill critical voids in current skincare therapies, Remergent products activate self-healing, reverse skin cell dysfunction, and maximize results for long term gain through prevention, repair and restoration.



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Apr. 25, 2004
I am already EXTREMELY satisfied with your service and know that I will become one of your best customers!