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When stress is unrelenting, your body's hormone and chemical levels can spike, adversely affecting the skin and how it functions. Oil production increases. Histamines trigger itchiness and inflammation. Water, oxygen and nutrients are drawn away from the skin, depriving it of the vital elements it needs to thrive. When skin is starved this way, its natural immune function is impaired, so it's less able to heal itself. It becomes irritable, dull, clogged, prematurely wrinkled, prone to breakouts, itchy and flaky—skin on the edge. skyn ICELAND™ is the only skincare line specifically formulated to counteract the detrimental effects of chronic stress on skin. Since stressed skin is damaged skin, what it needs most is to be soothed, healed and replenished to regain its natural health and radiance. Inspired by Iceland's abundant and unspoiled resources, we sought out new natural ingredients to help us create the perfect stress antidote for skin.



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