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Sovage Idebenol Facial Anti-Oxidant, 3.4Oz, ID SID100

A 32% reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet after one month, increasing to a 57% reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet in just 3 months
A 34% improvement in the overall appearance of the skin after one month, increasing to a 45% improvement in just 3 months
A 33% reduction in wrinkle depth after one month, increasing to a 55% reduction in wrinkle depth in just 3 months
A 40% rise in skin hydration after one month, increasing to more than 50% in just 3 months
A 32% increase in skin firming and elasticity in only 14 days

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Sövage Instant Lip Plumper, 0.22Oz, ID SV100

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Full, Sexy, Desirable Lips... Without Painful Injections or Surgery

Sövage™ Dermatologic Laboratories™ brings you the world’s most sophisticated instant lip plumping serum. The first lip plumping formula that does more than just make your lips swell. Sövage Instant Lip Plumper™ actually refines and reshapes the look of your lips... transforming the appearance of contour, size and color. Your lips remain soft, moist, seductive... all day, all night!

But that’s not all. Sövage Instant Lip Plumper helps reduce the appearance of telltale lip wrinkles while hydrating and protecting your “perfectly provocative pout.”

Because the exclusive Sövage instant lip plumping formula is never sticky or can be applied over or under your favorite lip color. And the soothing emollient base won’t dry out or chafe your lips with continued use (like less sophisticated products). That’s why Sövage Instant Lip Plumper is the most sought-after lip serum in the world today... period.

How Does Sövage™ Lip Plumper™ Work?

Sövage™ Lip Plumper™ works in two important ways: first, it produces an immediate increase in hydration, causing a noticeable – yet painless – swelling of the lips. Second, Sövage™ Lip Plumper™ exerts a profound influence on fat cells just below the surface layer of lip tissue (yes, it's subcutaneous fat cells that make lips full and plump) so, as your lips increase in size, they look natural and stay soft. No one but you will know why your lips suddenly look fuller, sexier, and more appealing... but everyone will see the difference.

Full, plump, sexy lips have become more than desirable. They’ve become a trademark… a dynamic fashion statement in and of themselves. Don’t believe it? Just say the word “lips”… what actress comes to mind?

  Lips express who you are and how you feel. Whether they make you look young, sophisticated, sensual, or exotic… we can all agree that larger, plumper, poutier lips make you more seductive, more inviting, more confident. That’s why thousands upon thousands of women have turned to expensive and painful surgical procedures. But those days are over.

   Now there’s a clinically proven, non-surgical method of inducing upper and lower lip augmentation. It’s called Lip Explosion™, the topical lip plumper from Body Innoventions, and the first and only 100% pure Vorexin™ lip augmentation serum available in the United States. What is Vorexin™? Vorexin™ is the result of the combined science of two patents (one French, one American*)… a powerful, penetrating gel that not only super-hydrates, but actually restructures connective tissue in the upper and lower lip –– stimulating collagen production by more than 339%. But that’s not all. Vorexin™ increases actual lip volume and contour an average of 40.7% while significantly reducing the appearance of unattractive lip wrinkles… dramatic results you can see and feel!


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Daniel Scott
August 13, 2003

I use MD formulations and as a 15 year old I am very pleased with the cleansed feel I receive after I wash my face. It clears my black heads right of my face ...