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  Tend Skin Lotion

Tend Skin Lotion

Tend Skin Lotion Reduces the Appearance of:
1) Razor Bumps
2) Ingrown Hairs
3) Skin Redness after Hair Removal

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Use for Women:
For Shaving:  Once skin clears, apply after shaving to maintain clarity and to help reduce post-shave redness.
For Use with Electrolysis: apply before treatment as a cleanser.  Apply after treatment to help clear redness and minimize post-treatment "bumping"
For Use with Waxing:  Applying the lotion before waxing will ease the wax pull.  the hairs will feel loosened.  Applying after waxing helps clear the skin in 15-20 minutes and helps minimize next-day post-wax bumping.
Prevention with waxing/electrolysis:  If you are clear of ingrown hairs, apply several times weekly when you see new growth starting.

Use for Men:
For those with ingrown hairs/razor bumps on faces, necks, back of the necks and scalps. Use twice daily until clear as directed.  Then use daily after shaving to maintain clear skin.  Replace razor blade as soon as it does not have that new blade feel.  Otherwise, the scraping will make the problems worse. You can use a blade, clippers, etc.  Use a blade for closes shave.  The appearance of any bumps may be reduced if you apply Tend Skin lotion after a blade shave.

All of these cosmetic problems relate to hair removal.  This means Tend Skin lotion is suited for men and women.  Men can use the lotion on their faces, necks and back of the head.  Women will find it useful on legs, bikini lines, underarms and anywhere else hair removal creates ingrown hairs or razor bumps.  Tend Skin lotion works very quickly.  You will see results in 24 hours.
Use in conjunction with shaving, waxing, electrolysis and epilating.
Note:  Tend Skin Lotion may cause mild exfoliation.  This is  beneficial as it will leave your skin looking 'baby smooth", and will help remove rough skin build-up.  Try applying it to your face daily.  Your skin will noticeably glow.
Allergy:  Caution, if you have a true allergy to Aspirin (hives, itching) do not use this product. It is suggested that everyone should try testing a small area of the skin for several days if you are new to Tend Skin Lotion.
Caution:  Tend Skin Lotion can remove dye from clothing.  Do not spill on non color-fast items.  i.e. carpeting silk, etc.  Flammable, keep out of reach of children, do not ingest.  Not tested for use during pregnancy.

Instructions for Use: For Pre-Existing Ingrown Hairs/Razor Bumps
For both men and women.  The product needs time on the skin undisturbed to work.  Be sure to apply to DRY Skin.  apply at night before sleep and again in the morning after showering, shaving and drying.  Do not wash off.  Moisturizer or cologne can be applied over the product once it dries.  Once skin clears, apply lotion daily to maintain.  Adjust usage over time to determine the least usage needed. 


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Jane, United Kingdom
August 19, 2003
Many thanks for my order received today. I have never ordered stuff from overseas before, thank you for making it so pain-free!..