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Yonka Phyto Bath (Phyto-Bain), 100mL, 3.3Oz, ID 00123
All Body Contours.
This de-stressing and invigorating bath concentrate is enriched with a precious concoction of aromas and plant extracts.  It leaves you with a unique sense of energy and better being.  It soothes achy body, promotes better blood circulation, silkens the skin and is superbly efficient in association with a slimming treatment.  Add 1 to 2 inner cupfuls of Phyto-Bain to running water in the tub or lather on moist skin under the shower.



Yonka Le Baume Body, 90mL, 3.1oz ID Y1720

With five Exotic Butters
Anti-ageing phyto-repairing body balm

Use morning and/or evening after bathing or showering with Yon-Ka Phyto-Bain. Take a small amount of balm and let it melt onto the skin of problem areas.
Smooth in with slow circular movements, paying particular attention to rough or very dehydrated areas.
Essential active ingredients:
- Kokum, Dhupa, Cupuacu, Shea and Mango: five exotic butters with soothing, nourishing and regenerating properties.
- Coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo biloba: antioxidants.
- Vitamins E and C: repairing and anti-free radical.
- Grape Seed, Marrow Seed and Avocado Oils, with a high vitamin content, rich in un-saponifiables and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) : regenerating, anti-dryness, anti-dehydration.
- Jojoba and Olive: film-forming, anti-dehydration.
- Verbena, Lemongrass and Mandarin Essential Oils.
rough areas: apply the balm after exfoliating your skin with Yon-Ka Phyto-Gel Exfoliant,
after sun or water sports: use generously to restore skin's balance after sun expo-sure or swimming.


Yonka Kirogel, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID 00127
For Hands and Feet.
This non-greasy all plant gel layers the extremities with a lightweight protecting film  It deeply hydrates and softens the skin, soothes over-worked hands damaged by chemicals and environmental aggressions and effectively eliminates dead cells.   Apply a thin layer over hands and feet as often as needed during the day.  Eliminate gently with light rubbing the thin drying later.  Use as a super conditioning overnight treatment by spreading in thick layer.

Yonka Body Oil (Huile Corps), 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID 20020
All Body Contours.
This triple-action, fast penetrating body oil is truly magnificent.  It nourishes, silkens and firms, while replenishing dry and damaged skin.  Its delicate aromas enliven body and mind.  Use daily on slightly wet skin after shower or bath.


Yonka Body Milk (Lait Crops), 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 20012
All Body Contours.
This silky-soothing, subtly naturally fragranced body lotion deeply nourishes with no greasy feeling.  It restores optimum moisture and lasting softness, skin feels alive, and dry, rough skin is just a distant memory.  Use daily after shower or bath.



Yonka Cream 55, 125mL, 4.41Oz, ID 000117
Slim Trim Silhouette.

This is a multi-dimensional body care slimming cream.  It helps slim down the figure, improves the suppleness and elasticity of the contours, and is specially recommended during pregnancy, after weight fluctuations that may cause stretch marks or to effectively counteract tired heavy legs.  Use daily after shower or bath on slightly wet skin.  For optimum results, alternate with Cream 155.


Yonka Cream 155, 125mL, 4.41Oz, ID 20052
Slim Trim Silhouette.
This highly balsamic phyto-aromatic cream helps reduce local cellulite and unsightly fatty deposits.  It works to trim the figure by stimulating exchanges, it reduces hyper-sensitivity and helps minimize the appearance of spongy skin. It is highly recommended before and after exercise.  Use daily after shower or bath on slightly wet skin.  For optimum results, alternate with Cream 155. 

Yonka Phyto 152, 125mL, 4.41Oz, ID 00066
Body, Bust, Decollete-Neck.
This phyto-aromatic cream deeply energizes and promotes natural vitality.  It helps to strengthen the contours, reduce the marks of pregnancy and preserve youthful curves.  It is highly refreshing when used on overworked exhausted legs, and its unique reviving aroma will lift your spirit.  Apply a thing layer of cream in the morning or evening after a bath or shower.   Focus on target areas.



Yonka Galbol 190, 50mL, 1.7Oz, ID 00098
Body, Bust, Decollete, Neck.

This is both a preventive and curative hydra-firming activator to support vulnerable tissues to loose elasticity.  Its lightweight concoction penetrates delightfully, it helps to strengthen and tone your most feminine contours, works to shape the curves of your décolleté and breast and is uplifting due to an all-citrus and fresh herbs aroma.  Apply daily after showering by splashing to the whole body and bust.  penetrate gently but actively on targeted zones.


Yonka Phyto-Gel Exfoliant, 200mL, 6.7Oz, ID 20102
All Body Contours.

This foaming and scrubbing shower gel leaves body contours pampered and buffed to a satiny-smooth finish.  It gently cleanses and exfoliates dead cells and rough patches.  It leaves your skin as silky-soft as a peach and its subtle and natural scent invigorates your body.  Lather shoulder to toe under the shower. Insist on rough areas.  Next rinse profusely.



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