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Yonka Fruitelia D.S. (A.H.A.), Yonka Phyto-Contour-Bags, Circles Yonka Optimizer Cream Yonka Cream 15

For the Renewing, Smoothening and Moistening of Sensitive, Normal to Dry Skin.

For the Firming and Toning of Dark Circles, Puffiness, and Lack of Tone around the Eyes and Lip Area.

For Strengthening and Lifting All Skin Types (Anti-Wrinkle). Rich in silicium

For the Purification and Soothing of Problem Skin at All Ages, and Occasional Breakouts and Blemishes.

YonKa products are formulated, produced and marketed by Laboratoires MULTALER, a French company located in the Paris region. Managed today by Françoise and Catherine Mühlethaler, the Laboratories were founded in the 1950s by their parents, passionated botanists and pioneers in the fields of esthetic aromatherapy and phytotherapy. With that same passion, and remaining faithful to the same values, Françoise and Catherine have developed the family business on all levels.


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Lauren from Montreal, Quebec 
GM Collin products literally changed my life. My skin has never felt like this before. Finally after all these years I have found the right products for my problem skin. I cannot tell you how different I feel. I don't even think of my skin now. I feel comfort in my skin for the first time in my life. I tell everybody about it and all my friends are using it too.