Vite 20

Decleor, skin care
   Vite 20 Antifungal Cream

VITE 20 Antifungal Cream,
20mL, 0.67 Oz, ID V1018

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Vite20 Kills the Fungus that Causes Fungal Nails.
Vite20 gives hands and feet the specialized care they need. Vite20 is medically proven, non-prescription cream that quickly penetrates to kill the fungus that can infect the nails of fingers and toes.  With its unique blend of natural and traditional ingredients, Vite20 is safe and easy to use.  Just one drop of Vite20 massaged into the affected area twice a day should start you on your way to achieving prettier hands and feet! Our enriched, concentrated formula works promptly to soothe and moisturize the skin around your nails with the natural benefits of tea tree oil and lavender oil, while it swiftly absorbs to begin destroying stubborn fungus. Vite20 is an effective topical formulation that contains the active ingredient undeclynic acid.


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Rhonda, CO
July 31, 2003
You have a wonderful and easy website to access. Thank you for the low prices and the free gifts. I'll refer your website to my family and friends.